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Champions in the show ring. Companions in the barn.

We believe Bashkir Curly Horses are THE best choice in horse breeds if your goal is versatility. Curly horses excell in events like dressage, western pleasure, eventing, trail riding, parades, demos large and small, and in hand competition.

If you've always dreamed of the horse that could command an audience where ever you went and who could take you up the levels of your dicipline while retaining a child-safe demeanor, then a Bashkir Curly Horse may be right for you.

Professional opportunties outside of the horse breeding world motivated us to close our breeding operation and move off our farm in 2010. We still are very much involved in the horse world but focus on ejoying the horses we kept as a hobby. is a great, established domain, so I will be using the domain as personal webspace.


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